Our Programs

The FoundationĀ supports programs that include environmental sustainability awareness and consumer and student education. Inspiration behind our programs have been drawn from substantial research on the subject of sustainability, in an attempt to provide a more accurate and honest information that resonates with the American consumer and key food influencers.

Each program developed focuses on one or more of our three main focuses: education for students of all ages as well as consumers and super influencers, awareness of sustainable farming, and an open dialogue to allow consumers to have their questions answered directly from the source: farmers and ranchers. Our programs are also designed around what consumers identify as the four key points of agricultural sustainability: soil, air, water and habitat.

STEM Education

By providing educational materials for use in urban classrooms as well as a scholarship program for agriculture-bound students, we can heighten the awareness and knowledge in the area of food production while increasing college student interest in making a food and ag career choice.


Sustainability Awareness

Supporting unique, comprehensive programs designed to engage and educate consumers about sustainability, food and farming, we are empowering consumers to make informed choices.


Open Dialogue

By contributing to efforts that create an open dialogue with farmers and ranchers, every American consumer can have their questions answered truthfully, directly from the source.


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