It All Begins With Your Support…

With your help, we can reach consumers around the country with answers to their questions about how their food is raised and produced. We can rebuild consumer trust in American agriculture, and engage in open and honest dialogue with them, even around the “tough” issues. We can inspire today’s youth to learn more about agriculture, and choose career paths in agriculture and other food-based careers. We can provide high school and college level educators throughout the country with the tools needed to accomplish this.

Make a Contribution

Your support will enable us to develop and implement programs to effectively educate and inspire students and teachers. It will also allow us to interact with consumers, providing the information they need to make informed decisions about their food choices.

Ask Businesses to Contribute

Success is amplified when everyone is united. Reach out to other organizations or even your employer and share your story of support. Ask them to join the movement with you through a donation. Did you know many employers match their employee donations? Ask your employer if they offer a company matching gifts program!

Share Your Voice

Everyone has a story to tell. Share yours with consumers and answer their questions.

Keep Informed

Get latest news on upcoming events, research projects, and more.

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