Environmental Sustainability Efforts

The Foundation contributes to the effort of environmental sustainability awareness through the support of unique and interactive educational programming.  These initiatives are designed to provide the consumer with a direct link to farmers and ranchers. Utilizing the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance’s vast research, we can ensure funds are distributed to the most efficient and effective educational programs while providing a venue for open dialogue. Our focus is to address current and future societal concerns around sustainability, and the science and technology needed to ensure we meet today’s needs without compromising the needs or resources for future generations.

What Does Sustainability in Agriculture Include?

Doing More With Less

Responsibly managing and replenishing the finite resources that go into growing our food and raising our livestock

Protecting the Environment

Utilizing farming practices that protect the environment, specifically air, soil, water and habitat so it is available and healthy for generations to come

Healthy for All

Ensuring our food nourishes all people regardless of socioeconomic status by making it accessible, affordable and healthy

Strengthening Local Communities

Contributing to economic growth and providing the ability to thrive for all who work in or live near farms and ranches

Consumer Perception of Sustainability

Consumer perception plays a huge role in how companies move forward with their efforts in sustainability storytelling. However, 48% of consumers polled in a USFRA study could not define “sustainability.” The definition often varied depending on several demographic aspects of the consumer. Using research, the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance had developed what we believe to be an accurate depiction of sustainability, and it is defined as: “Meeting the needs of today’s society without compromising the needs or resources for future generations.”

Using Research to Increase Sustainability Awareness

The Foundation is dedicated to learning where we can make a positive impact in sustainability and research. By using the national research conducted by the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), we can better understand consumer attitudes in regards to sustainability, consumer interests, concerns, and potential confusion to improve sustainability awareness.

The USFRA conducted sustainability research in July 2015 with millennials, general consumers, and consumer food connectors and found that 83% are at least “very concerned” about the sustainability of U.S. farming and ranching, 43% are “extremely concerned,” and 26% considered sustainability as the most important thought or consideration when making their food purchases.

At least “very concerned”

Extremely concerned

Most important thought

Level of Concern about Sustainability


Nearly 8 in 10 customers identify with four key points when it comes to farming and sustainability:





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